Frequently Asked Questions

General Liability (standalone basis)

  • Up to $5M Occurrence / $5M Aggregate Limits Available
  • Hired Auto and Non-Owned Auto Liability Endorsement
  • Special Event Coverage

Products Liability (including Completed Operations)

  • Up to $5M Occurrence / $5M Aggregate Limits Available
  • Cannabis Intoxication Liability Included
  • Product Withdrawal Expense Coverage Available
  • $1M Defense Expenses Allowance

Cyber Liability Sublimit of $100,000
We are continually expanding coverage offerings, so check back soon!

Yes! All of the currently available coverages are written on an admitted basis.

  • Admitted coverage is available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Washington, with additional states pending.
  • We are continually expanding our footprint so check back soon for additional states!
  • No, the available coverages do not have an impairment exclusion. Cannabis Intoxication Liability is built into the policy form by endorsement.
  • Other forms available on the market include iImpairment or “Intended Effects Exclusion”, which often take various forms:
    • Impairment Exclusion: Excludes “any claim or suit for “bodily injury”, “property damage” or “personal and advertising injury” for which any insured may be held liable by reason of Causing or contributing to the intoxication or impairment of any person who operates, maintains or uses any “auto”, “mobile equipment” or other motorized vehicle of any type”.
    • Intended Effects Exclusion: “‘Bodily injury’ shall not include either (1) expected or intended effects of smoking, ingestion or consumption of ‘marijuana’, ‘cannabis’ or ‘products containing cannabis’…”

One of the most concerning exclusions found in many cannabis policies is a health hazard exclusion.. Health hazard exclusions take various forms and are often hidden in seemingly unrelated policy, including “Specified Disease” exclusions. There are various versions of the exclusion, including the following examples:

  • 1. Any claim or ‘suit’ arising directly or indirectly out of, related to, or, in any way involving the actual alleged emergence, contraction, aggravation or exacerbation, or the threat or fear of the emergence, contraction, aggravation or exacerbation, of any form of cancer, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, mental illness, birth defect, or cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, as a result of the use or consumption of, or exposure to ‘your product’.”
  • CCC. to any Claim for, arising out of or resulting form the actual or alleged emergence, contraction, onset, aggravation or exacerbation of any form of cancer, carcinoma, cancerous or precancerous condition, arteriosclerosis, heart condition, respiratory condition, lung disease or heart disease, regardless of the actual or alleged cause or causative factor.
  • Another example removes “long-term adverse effects” from the definition of Bodily Injury:
    • “’Bodily injury’ shall not include… (2) long-term adverse effects of the smoking, ingestion or consumption of ‘marijuana’, ‘cannabis’, or ‘products containing cannabis’.”

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