About Us

Rockall Insurance Agency is a leading provider of best-in-class insurance coverage for novel and underserved markets with a major focus on the cannabis industry. As the exclusive managing general underwriter (MGU) of Continental Heritage Insurance Company, Rockall performs various key functions to provide superior service to our agents, including sales and marketing, underwriting, policy issuance & administration, and program development & analyses.

We are committed to providing risk protection for entrepreneurs operating in emerging or difficult markets that remain neglected by traditional carriers. We view our insurance products as collaborative investments with people managing exciting companies with unique stories and opportunities. Focusing on specific, niche markets allows us to understand the unique needs of these industries and design comprehensive insurance solutions.

Our Team

Mallory Czuchra is Cannabis Program Manager for Rockall. Ms. Czuchra is responsible for agent relationship management, sales, and marketing.  Prior to joining Continental, Ms. Czuchra co-founded and operated a cannabis-specific multi-state retail agency for three years until it was acquired in 2020.  Ms. Czuchra received her undergraduate degree from West Virginia University and is a licensed property & casualty insurance agent in numerous states.


Thomas Palumbo is a 38-year veteran insurance professional who has managed a variety of programs consisting of various standard business, personal lines, agricultural risks, and specialized in high-risk programs such as trucking and contractors. Mr. Palumbo primarily managed the underwriting departments, along with the responsibilities of regulatory compliance and program maintenance for these programs. With additional background in computer sciences, he has been responsible for deploying and maintaining a variety of insurance related software such as rating, policy issuance and automobile ID card issuance and workflow management software. 


Martin Mason is the Managing Member of Rockall Insurance Agency, LLC and is responsible for the agency’s administration as an intermediary between Continental Heritage Insurance Company and licensed agents in the cannabis property and casualty insurance market. Prior to launching Rockall, Mr. Mason worked in the financial services and real estate industries. Mr. Mason earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in finance from Ohio State.